About Us

In June of 2011, La Shimmer was created by a newly graduated high school student who had a love for fashion and a desire to be her own boss. Her plan was to attend college and achieve her business degree while owning/ operating her own business. Everyone always told her “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” With the love she had for each seasonal trends and styles, she started purchasing inventory for La Shimmer and in a very short amount of time, her business took off!

Over the years, life happened! She moved to different cities, worked multiple jobs, opened a beautiful storefront, bought a trailer, traveled all around sunny Florida to different events, closed the store front, went back to college for a second time to pursue a hospitality degree, graduated with a Bachelors in Event Planning, chased a dream as a wedding planner, starting a job at a high end country club as their event manager, the list goes on.

Until one day she took a step back and realized that every single struggle, every accomplishment, set back, or goal, they were all just stepping stones. She realized they lead her right back to her original plan in 2011 – her small business.

After 5+ years of putting La Shimmer on the back burner she decided to put all her time and attention into her original dream. With the new relaunch of La Shimmer, she has decided to go in a completely different direction. She has always had a huge love and passion for Gold Jewelry! She hand selected each piece for the La Shimmer showcase in hopes that all of her clients, old and new will love them just as much as she does!

La Shimmer is not closing its door on any other new endeavors right now but is excited to see where this new journey leads!



Who is the Owner?

My name is Olivia Goolsby, but most everyone calls me Libby or Lib. I am 29 years old, soon to be 30 (yikes)! I am from central Florida, born and raised. I live with my fiance, Buck and my Frenchie, Peaches. I am an FGCU Graduate, GO EAGLES! A Colleen Hoover fan or really any other twisted crime books. I am OBSESSED with Reality TV, especially anything BRAVO related. I am a gym junkie – hence why I looove waterproof gold jewelry. I work out 5 days a week to enjoy pizza as often as I please! (this is a no judgment zone here!) If I am not out and about adventuring with Buck and Peaches, I am usually in gym clothes with no makeup, running around doing errands for our land clearing business. If you can’t find me cozied up at our house, I am usually with my friends and family or shopping!

The excitement of having this business up and running again has instilled a different feeling of passion and motivation. Thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Thank you to my customers that continue to tag along with me during this journey! I am beyond excited to grow this business with you!