Jewelry Care

La Shimmer takes pride in providing a huge range of hand picked pieces. This range has different prices points and styles which give our customers different quality options. Each piece contains either Gold Plated Mixed Metals, Stainless Steel, or Gold Filled. For each product on our site the type of Gold that each piece is will be listed under the product desciption.


Gold Plated Mixed Metals: This is our most affordable style. This piece of jewelry has thin layer of gold. We recommend that you do NOT shower with gold plated jewelry. Do not apply lotions/perfume with it on, swim or workout in it. Some of our gold plated pieces may contain brass or silver as the base metal.

Stainless Steel:  This is the highest quality of them all. This style is non tarnishing, hypo allergenic and waterproof (yay for gym/swimming pool). We advise to still wipe off at the end of wearing with a small jewelry cloth. This will help the pieces last longer than normal plated items. 

Gold Filled:  This style contains a thicker coating of gold. Gold filled is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to another material, usually brass or silver. Gold filled items will wear longer than gold plated pieces but still need some love as these items are not 24k solid gold. To clean your gold filled pieces, use a mild jewelry cleaning solution and run under water and pat dry. * Gold filled can still get dull and fade if there is heavy wear, constant perfume/hair chemicals, sea salt water and chlorine are constantly getting on it.